What time does the summit start?


It starts whenever you start!

Each day of the summit, you will have 24 hours  to view the content for that day. So for example, if you joined Monday at 9am PST, you would have until Monday 11:59pm to finish all the content for that day. At 12:00am Tuesday, new content will appear for the next day.


Where is the summit held/located?


This is an ONLINE summit. You do not need to fly, drive, walk, or commute anywhere to enjoy our amazing content. You simply need to access a desktop, tablet, or smart phone to participate in this summit!

What if I missed the day’s content? Will it be shown again? 


As part of the nature of a summit, once it is over, sadly, it is over.


Fortunately, despite the summit being over, you can still take advantage of our Reformation Summit Package: a specially priced package that includes all the summit contents for your enjoyment at home. Purchase the package and have the DVDs and books to enjoy for years!

How do I view the summit?


This is an ONLINE summit. All you need is an internet connection.


Each day you will get an eNewsletter with that day’s content. Click on the link in the eNewsletter for access. You will have 24 hours to view all the content for that one day.


The following day, you will receive another eNewsletter with the second day’s content, with only 24 hours access, and so on.


The entire summit will be available online only, to be viewed on your phone, tablet, or computer. If you have a smartTV that can play Vimeo videos (you’ll need to download the Vimeo app onto your smartTV), you will be able to watch using your television as well!

What are the benefits of an online summit?


You do not need to travel to the Amazing Discoveries Studio.

You can watch the entire summit online from the comfort of your home at the time that suits you the best!

How much does this cost?


It’s absolutely FREE. Thanks to Amazing Discoveries’ incredible donors, we can host these evangelistic events to share the gospel worldwide. Please partner with us so we can continue our mission!