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Professor Walter Veith will be presenting his newest 5-part series Darkness Before Dawn which includes an appeal to Protestants for the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation.

Join Protestant Brother Professor Walter J Veith as he unmasks the hidden attempts to end Protestantism and repeat history.  With the 500th Year anniversary of Protestantism around the corner, what is the world doing to celebrate this movement?

Is the contract drawn up between the Lutheran church and the Catholic church a move in the right direction? Will unity be the result, and what are we uniting on?

If you are tired of ‘extra add-ons’ to religion then come and listen to these solely Bible based presentations and learn of current events that are impacting the entire world, one way or another…

This series deals with the unification process underway within the ecumenical movement which is to reach its highlight on Oct 31, 2017. Has the Christian world reached consensus on the doctrinal issues which have divided it for 500 years and if so, have we finally reached the peace that can usher in the millennium? Where are we heading?

What are the issues on which the Protestant and Catholic world have agreed? Is compromise possible? Was the Protestant Reformation a mistake?

Find out the answers to these questions and much more…


August 17



The Cornerstone of Protestantism  


August 18



The Atonement 


August 19



Conflict to Communion



Appeal to the Protestant Brethren 

There will be light refreshments between the two lectures.


August 20



The Meaning of Rest

About the Speaker:

Professor Walter Veith has dedicated his life to researching and studying the Bible. For the past 30 years he has travelled the world sharing his findings to thousands of people. With a solely Bible based standard, his message has attracted thousands to come and listen. Professor Walter Veith is a Pastor, author, lecturer and Protestant Reformer. With truly breath taking life experiences Pastor Veith has challenged thousands to study the Bible and base their faith on Scripture alone.

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